Thursday, 14 June 2007

Molly in the Morning Sunshine

Meet Molly, my funny, fiesty, much loved cat
...and please note the fabulous crocheted rag rug she's lying on!

I bought the rug, for a song, from an art market last year. It's made out of t~shirts and plastic bread bags, and was crocheted by a good woman who's devoted to recycling and gives all her proceeds to animal welfare. I don't know her name (it was sold to me by a friend of hers) but I'm really grateful to her nonetheless.

Here's a picture of the complete rug:

...and here's a detail:

I'd love to make one of these too:
in pinks,
for my bedroom go with the granny blanket. =]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good 2 see the 'ol mol' having a nap in the lovely sunshine!!! She looks very relaxed - ahhhh, it's a cat's life!!! Wish my rug that I bought was fairing as good as yours is with my "5 fur kids"!!!!! Reggie has just put his head in my lap as I type, so he knows he's being talked about (doggie ESP!!!!)

Luuuve The Queen of Speed xxxx :-)