Sunday, 24 August 2008

A Parade of Scarves and Wirework

Long time no blog, I know.
My job keeps on getting in the way.
I have some catching up to do!
Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments, in my last post, about my mum's drawings. She was tickled pink to receive them.
Thanks, too, to Rachel, from corn flower blue studio, and Cindy, from Chronicles of Yarnia, who tagged me for a meme. I'll respond as soon as I can.
I'd also like to blow virtual kisses to the lovely Andrea, of indigo blue designs, who presented me with an award. I'll acknowledge it properly next time I write here, I promise!

Even though work has been really time consuming, I've managed to get out and enjoy a little of the gorgeous Spring weather we've been experiencing here in Perth
...and I've been crafting, of course.

I've finished the chunky neck warmer I was working on:

...and I've completed the fan scarf I was crocheting:

I'm not totally happy with the second scarf because the weight of the wool pulls the fans out of shape but I've received enthusiastic compliments when I've worn it to work, and that's nice.

I've been gardening too,
and I thought I'd share some of the wire work that I've hung outside.

I have a mermaid reclining on the back fence:

I also have a sun catcher hanging in the garden
which, I've discovered, is hard to photograph because it's so long ~
so here's just a part of it:

I made both the sun catcher and the wire mermaid a few years ago with an artist called Regina at Fremantle Arts Centre. Sadly, Regina no longer lives in Western Australia. I wish she did, she was an excellent teacher and was lots of fun to work with.
I made this beaded ring in one of her workshops too:

I'd love to construct more of these...
Here's to a a joyful and productive week, everybody.


Indigo Blue said...

The red/pink scarf is fantastic!! The shapes that you have crocheted are lovely. OOOH I am a little pea green with crochet envy. The ring is lovely too, much be difficult to work on something that small in metal.

Rachel said...

Looove the wire mermaid! So creative!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful things. I love looking at your creations: the mermaid is wonderful and I love both the scarves!!!

inkberryblue said...

Thanks indigo blue and rachel!

I love the mermaid too and would really like to claim the design as my own...but I made it from a template supplied by Regina, my teacher. It would be fun to develop my own designs, now that I have an idea how to construct these kind of figures in wire.

inkberryblue said...

...and thank you 2paw!

Anonymous said...

aah so much and all so beautiful, I love your wire mermaid, so much that I'm gonna have to try that myself. The beaded ring is beautiful too and the suncatcher...and the scarf....
I also love your mum's pebbles.
craft overload!

Nan said...

Wow, so many great crafts revealed in one post! EVERY thing is lovely, the fan style scarf really catches my eye as does the mermaid and ring... and oooh the sun catcher! OK, I must admit, I love them all.

maryeb said...

I saw someone raving about your blog on the ravelry blog train.
They were right. You do have a terrific blog.
Great variety of topics and super photos.
I'm glad I found it:)

Grace Garton said...

I know how you feel about work...wish I could spend 3 days at work and the other at home working on my own stuff. Time management, discipline...ugh doesn't work all the time on the weekend.
Love the chunky neck warmer, and what a great looking button. I'd like to see a close up of it:)
Great looking ring...yes you should make some more!!!
Cheers for now.....domestic duties are calling!!:(

Dana said...

That wire mermaid is amazing! Wowzers!