Thursday, 15 January 2009

Here Kitty Kitty!

I've finished my little amigurumi cat:

She took forever to sew up
(my sewing skills are rusty)
but I'm happy with how she's turned out.
You can't really tell from the photograph, but she has tabby stripes on her legs and tail.
I drew inspiration from Molly:

(I love Moll's marmalade coloured tum, but, sadly, I am not allowed to touch it under any circumstances whatsoever.)

As I mentioned in my last post, the crochet pattern can be found at Mutts.

I'm still on holiday, which is lovely.
I do so enjoy going slowly and quietly, taking pleasure out of simple things.

I've been baking for my family,
making yummy Oatmeal No-Bake Cookies:

(the recipe comes from Ravelry, so you'll need to be a member to follow the link)
and Apricot and Almond Crumble:

I only have a left over apricot to show as evidence as it was so delicious it was all eaten up before I got a chance to take a photograph ~ truly! Tangy, fresh apricots, a crumble topping with almonds and coconut, and dollops of cream was a winning combination. I will definitely make this again.

I've also been beading:

I'm often seen wearing red~orange necklaces ~ they go with my lipstick!

...and I've been gardening.
I found masses of these sweet flowers, growing wild, when I was out in Fremantle:

Aren't they lovely?
Their delicate appearance belies their hardiness ~ they were blooming, in the middle of scorching heat, in bone~dry sand.
I couldn't resist scooping one small plant out and taking it home:

and, so far, it's doing well.
I wonder what type of plant they are.

Shortly, I'll be wielding a paintbrush too, as I'm getting ready to paint my kitchen and living areas. I've chosen to paint everything white, with a few, pale butterscotch, French~washed feature walls thrown in.
Wish me luck!


Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Your Moll and my Tig Tig could be twin kitties!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

CUTE kitty! And I love the photo of your beadwork -- I am always fascinated with the way light shines on and through things. (Could you send some of that heat this way?!? LOL)

Anonymous said...

Super cute kitty! Both the crocheted one and the original. Love the flower over her eye! :)

magnusmog said...

I think your plant might be a scabious ( at least it looks like a UK scabious) Very pretty.

Molly is beautiful too :)

Iron Needles said...

I love those no-bake oatmeal cookies! Also, you southern hemisphere types are hurting us with all your greenery and blooming flowers. So tough for us in the middle of winter.

that chick said...

your photography is excellent. as is your crochet. and your choice in cookie recipes. great blog!

Anonymous said...

Both of your kitties are adorable!

Indigo Blue said...

Your crochet is just too good. Molly could easily be my Tiger's twin sister. He also has a marmalade tum which MUST NOT be touched. Lovely items in your post, you have been very busy, hope the notebook has been useful for notes.

Ceci said...

I love your photo-ful posts. Fabulous shots, all! Have you confirmed what that flower is? Scabious seems like an ugly name for a pretty flower but my knowledge of gardening doesn't go further than "um, it's purple?" so who am I to contradict? ;)

Anonymous said...

2 very cute kitties!

Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh I left a comment here before but it's not here now... I don't know what I did or perhaps didnt do! Or maybe you didn't approve it? I just noticed that you have comment moderation on. Both kitties are very cute and I love the colour of those beads.

stitchin' girl said...

Your little crochet kitten is so cute!!!

inkberryblue said...

Thanks for your lovely comments everybody. I appreciate them.

little red hen,
I think that there may have been a glitch with the comments, at some stage, on this post. I'm pretty sure that someone else tried to leave a comment and it didn't get through. I'm glad that you were successful on your second attempt. =]

Fiber Deviant said...

first off, thanks so much for your compliments on our Christmas tree & little goats! we have had the goats for almost a year ... they are so cute & sweet. i just love them!

now: oh the kitty is so cute --- just adorable!

i just love looking at all of your pics of projects... but your floral pics are my faves-- you have such an eye for it.

good luck on painting your kitchen... i think the color-combo that you have picked will be great. cant wait to see it.