Monday, 1 June 2009

Hexagonal Happiness

I've been crocheting hexagons
and it's fun!
Like lots of people in Blogland, I've long admired moonstitches' beautiful hexagon throw.
I also really like Linda Permann's crochet hexagon pillow
now that I've discovered knittingnonni's half hexagons pattern
and Lucy from Attic24's excellent tutorial,
I'm making a hexagon cushion of my own:

I can understand why so many people are making these.
I love the flowery shapes and I'm really enjoying being able to play with different colour combinations.

The pottery shard,
by the way,
is from a hand painted pot,
made by a woman called Jo
and, sadly,
broken in one of last year's Winter storms.

Here's another little painted pot that I bought from her:

My work load's becoming crazy again
(I'm seriously thinking of working part time to get a better work~life balance)
along with a little crochet,
I've managed to bead (yet another) memory wire bracelet:

(I love burnt orange!)
and taken photos of the pointsettias that are blooming outside my kitchen window:

and beside the front gate.:

(I love scarlet too!)

Hopefully, I'll be able to get enough time away from report writing to be back here soon.
Have a wonderful week everybody.


Red Hen (dette) said...

Oh did you have to mention report writing! I've been trying to ignore mine! They are supposed to be in on friday. Thats over 250 art comments and 26 year 3 reports. I don't think it will be done by friday.
What I was going to say was thanks for the link to the half hexigon. I have to sdmit it was something that I didn't like so much about the hexigon rug was the wobbly edges.

Indigo Blue said...

Ohh I really want to try those too. Are they fiarly idiot proof to get the nahg of. Still working on my knitted blanket but I think I will havelots left over. Could use it up with these.
Hope work is not too bad. We are in the middle of big exams here.

Anonymous said...

The pointsettias are beautiful. I am also seriously considering working part time, I would love to fully concentrate on the crafts stuff...just depends on whether I could make enough money....hmmmm.

I also love burnt orange and those pots - wonderful.

Rachel said...

Love the hexagons!

GreenishLady said...

I just love all the colour in this post. I've made a few crocheted afghans, and my favourite by far is the one made in hexagons. I put a picture of it on this post:

The ones you're making are a different pattern. Tempted to begin...

Brandi Reynolds said...

I've never actually seen a poinsetta that wasn't in a pot for it's beautiful!

Susana Alves said...

I just passed by to see your inspiring blog and let me tell you that I simply loved it! Hope to see your beautiful colored cushion! You seem to be very tallented!!!! :)

Susana Alves

Sarah said...

I think people who can crochet like you are amazing! I can barely do the basics. The hexagons are looking great!

VictoriaG said...

Ahhhh! The hexagons are lovely! Now...what type yarn(s) are you using? I love your colors! Beautiful, just beautiful! I feel a hexagon coming on...
~Vicki (nonaofsav on Ravelry)

LĂșcia said...

Hi dear friend,
This post is awesome! Lovely photos and very nice work. The hexadons are cute and the colors are so warm. Love them.
Thanks for visiting me.
Have a nice weekend,

magnusmog said...

What glorious pictures - good luck finding the work-life balance:)

fantasia said...

Thank you so much for your comments in my blog!!! Have a lovely week!!!
Susana Alves