Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Copper Wire Ring with Pearls

This is a little ring I made a while ago, but have just got around to photographing.

I knitted it up (I can knit a little) with copper wire and then wove fresh water pearls into it. It was very quick to put together. ( I actually made it just after I'd broken my finger playing a scratch match of Aussie Rules football in the carpark at work. Nothing stops a determined craftster!) The construction was simple, although the wire had no give and was quite hard to knit with. I've since bought some sterling silver wire and plan on making another one with it.


Snapdragons said...

Is it scratchy?

inkberryblue said...

No, surprisingly, it's not. The only things that are potentially scratchy are the ends but I flattened them with some jewellery pliers and wove them into the fabric of the ring so that they wouldn't come into contact with my skin.

Anonymous said...

Hi inkberryblue

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your ring looks great. I like the look of rawness that it has. Also interested to know that your grandfather used to illustrate for Enid Blyton - I was a huge fan as a child. Did he ever draw you pictures?


inkberryblue said...

Hi Louise!
I'm so glad you stopped by. =]
My grandfather and I used to cartoon together when I was little. That was great fun. I used to watch him work in his studio too. I still love the smell of paint and turps.