Saturday, 14 July 2007

Eight Random Facts About Moi

I've been tagged, by snapdragons, to complete an Eight Random Facts meme, so here goes...

1. I live ten minutes away from the CBD but I wish I lived in the bush. I grew up on the edge of national forest in the Darling Ranges and I miss being close to nature. I am a tree hugger at heart.

2. Long, long ago I used to be a goth girl. I spent a short but significant period of time in my early twenties trying to look like Morticia from The Addams Family (except for when I was dying my hair pink.)

3. I don't like my middle name and, no, I won't tell you what it is.

4. I work with little children. They are delightful and loving and full of reward...and laden with germs. I recently caught a heavy, horrible cold from them and it has lasted for over a month. Bleugh.

5. I choirs and such. In fact, I used to be a cabaret singer around about the same time I was trying to look like Morticia. I am singing in this photo, which was taken in February:

Can you guess which one is me?

6. My darling grandfather, who I loved to bits, used to illustrate for Enid Blyton. Here is one of his illustrations. I know the Enid Blyton Society would like to know more about the illustrators of her books so I am trying to convince my mother, who doesn't do anything on computers, to get onto the internet and tell them about him.

7. I am scared of knitting. I am frightened by the whole drop~stitches~and~have~to~frog~your~entire~garment scenario. I will overcome this fear. I will.

8. I love the BBC adaption of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South...and I am smitten by the male lead. The story is like Pride and Predjudice, only darker. It is fabulous to crochet along to and highly recommended.

OK. That was fun! I am now tagging picklesticks and createcraft, and anyone else who'd like to join in!

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