Sunday, 16 March 2008

Daffodil Stitch Vintage Tea Cosy

At the beginning of the year I posted about the Aussie Knitters Tea Cosy Swap I was involved in over at Ravelry. I posted pictures of the tea cosy I crocheted but didn't share any photos of the beautiful knitted tea cosy I received from my swap partner, Kate of Knights Don't Knit. Kate used a vintage pattern, from 1937, called the Daffodil Stitch Vintage Tea Cosy and she created the loveliest of details which included a clever undercosy, delicate flowers and delightful edgings.

Here's Kate's tea cosy, in all its gorgeousness:

Kate sent over lots of other goodies too, which you can see here
(on my freshly grouted mosaic table, Felicity!)

I was also given a tea infuser weighted with a sweet little red tea cup, organic english breakfast tea, a china tea flower (which I can’t wait to try), a card and bookmark decorated with lovely native Tasmanian flora, a pretty and ever~so practical small projects bag and matching crochet hook holder, two vividly coloured handmade candles, three balls of wool (hidden in the photo, I’m sorry) that match the tea cosy (I’m thinking that I’m going to make some egg cosies with these) and a wonderful Canadian pattern book for kitchen cloths. I just love the way Kate caught my colours, my love of things vintage and of things floral, even my preoccupation with dish cloths!

I am so spoilt!


Indigo Blue said...

The Tea Cosy looks very complicated to knit. A very talented lady. said...

Thank you again! I'm so happy it fits :> And FYI - You Make My Day too!

handknit168 said...

cute and colourful and beautiful.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

What a lovely cozy! And that table looks spectacular, too.

Ang said...

The tea cosy is amazing, what a great parcel.
LOVE the mosaic table.