Wednesday, 21 May 2008

All Wrapped Up

It's getting pretty wintry here in Australia.
I lay in bed last night listening to rain pelting onto the roof.
I think this time of the year is wonderful.
I love it because it's such a blessed relief after the intense heat of summer
...and I love it because it means I get to take out my woollens!
I unpacked my scarves recently,
they're so colourful and soft,
and I've been wearing this wrap, which I rescued from a Salvation Army Opportunity Shop:

It's difficult to see the pattern from the picture,
(black is so hard to photograph)
but it's a bit like this lacy stole
(and I should warn you that,
although this is a link to a free pattern,
it's on the Lion Brand site and you have to be registered with them to see it.)
My wrap cost $4.00 AUD
which thrills the bargain hunter in me
but also makes me a little sad.
It is beautifully knitted and its drape is fabulous ~ I think it's a shame that no~one else seemed to recognise its worth.
But it's definitely loved now ~
I wore it to work three times last week.

I've also been wearing this stole,
bought from the Lesmurdie Arts and Crafts Association a few weeks ago:

Isn't it gorgeous?
... and it's surprisingly warm.
I didn't catch the name of the craftswoman who sold it to me but I did speak at some length with her. She told me that she spun the wool out of pre~dyed New Zealand topping before knitting it up.
I love the way she's placed the colours.
It's such a simple yet striking design,
and so inspiring!
I'd love to make something similar.
Luckily, although I'm very rusty, I already know how to spin.
Here's some wool, amongst other fibres, that I spun and dyed years ago:

thanks to my darling cousin
(who's mother, incidentally, made this lovely filet crochet),
I have a spinning wheel:

Hmmm, I think a trip to Bilby Yarns for spinning supplies is in order!

Have a fabulous week everybody.


Indigo Blue said...

Wow, a spinning wheel, always wanted to have a go on one of these. I have done hand spindle weaving with my students but it takes ages to actually get anywhere. Love the pink shawl it is a lovely colour.

Rachel said...

Ooh, I wish I had a spinning wheel! Your stoles are lovely!

betsy said...

Wow - I dropped by from the Ravelry Blog Train thread, and I have really enjoyed your posts! Your blog is beautiful and so colorful, and I admire your daring in doing (and doing well) so many different art forms! Good work!

and I'm jealous of your shawl finds, but here in the US, I have a little time to knit one of my own before the weather gets cold here!

betsymh from ravelry

jenfromRI said...

Pretty spinning wheel!

I love the shawls, too - I can never seem to wear a shawl and be comfortable in it. Which is too bad, because so many of them are so lovely. It's good to know somebody can pull them off! :)

petrafanella said...

Wow, where do I start? The stole is simply divine, I love the watermelon-y colours, so rich. I am completely jealous of your spinning wheel also, I keep enquiring around the family if they are SURE there isn't one stashed somewhere. I love your yarns - I am the quest for a completely unique yarn and they look beautiful. AND, I love the rug that your spinning wheel is on. Is there a story to it? I also admire your daring and confidence in just going ahead and doing and proudly showing. Kudos!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Ah, the black wrap *is* lovely. I am often amazed at the beauty that people do not seem to recognize. Yet you saw it -- that's all that matters, really.

inkberryblue said...

Thank you for all the nice comments, people. I really do appreciate them. =]

I bought the rag rug at the Kalamunda Art Markets and blogged about it here:
It's gorgeous isn't it. I'm saving up t~shirts so I can have a go at making one for my bedroom.