Sunday, 1 June 2008

A Dishcloth, A Shrug And A Little Something For The Cat People

I've had to spend most of this weekend doing lots of paperwork for my job
but there's been a bit of crafting going on.
I have almost finished the Cotton Candy shrug I've been crocheting, there's just the border to go:

(I plan on taking, and posting, more detailed shots when I've finished it.)

I've also been putting together a little swap package for a cloth and soap exchange over at Ravelry, which has been fun. I won't show anything until my partner's received my parcel but here's something similar to what I've been making:

This is a simple dishcloth, which I crocheted about a month ago. I'm using it as a skin exfoliator instead ~ it works really well and it looks pretty.

I've been keeping my stress levels down by meditating as well as crafting, practising some of the techniques I've learnt at a course I'm taking at the Perth Meditation Centre. I'm being taught by Eric Harrison, the Centre's Director. Eric, who has a background in Buddhism, is calm and articulate and learned and brilliant!

...and I've had a bit of light relief from net surfing too. I came across this animation which really tickled my funny bone. It captures what it is to live with a determined cat. Enjoy!

Now, back to the paperwork...


Laurah said...

I've seen that animation before, I think on Posie Gets Cozy. I've never had a cat, but it's pretty funny.
I took a meditation class once in college. It was so relaxing, but I was always so exhaused that it was hard no to fall asleep.
I love the dishcloth! that's a nice pattern. And the shrug looks great on you!

Nan said...

I have to tell you I got a good laugh out of the determined cat animation, because this very morning, I put my peskiest kitty in with my son and closed the door to let Smokie be the alarm clock, he is very determined to be petted a LOT first thing in the morning, and I could hear Robbie grumbling about it, and finally an "OWE!" from him as Smokie decided his claws were going to have to be used to get the attention he desired! LOL, it made me laugh, but he was a good alarm clock when the sleepy head won't get up for me!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

That's a SIMPLE dishcloth??? It's so pretty and looks very intricate. Can you tell that I don't crochet? :)

Rachel said...

Love the shrug!!!