Friday, 18 January 2008

Hot Chocolate, Cacti And Crochet

I've just returned from a lightening visit to the South West. I went, with my baby sister, to visit my older sister and her family. It was lovely, as my older sis loves to spoil. She has green thumbs too ~ look at her gorgeous cactus:

Speaking of being spoilt, we went out to lunch at Xanadu (my family are involved with the winery) which was absolutely delicious. I was too focussed on eating and drinking to take many photographs (I had black bean crusted lamb rump with eggplant and woodear mushroom salad ...mmm mmm mmm.. and divinely dry champagne) but I did take a picture at the very end of the meal. Here it is ~ a snap of hot chocolate with the Xanadu dragon swirled into it:

I wish I could have fitted in the dessert plate ~ a yummy array of parfait, pannnacotta, vanilla bean tart and semillon, but I was way too full. Next time. Definitely.

We also went out for a scrumptious lunch at the Natural Temptation Cafe in Bunbury, where my big sister bought me a copy of their First Temptations vegetarian cook book. (See, spoiling!) Now I'm back at home I'm looking forward to getting into my kitchen and trying out some of the recipes. I've just finished making a scalloped pot holder too, which will come in handy if I can bear to get it dirty.


petrafanella said...

Hey, nice to see you were down in my corner of the world!! I have to get one of those Natural Temptation books!! Divine food. Mmmm, earth burger!! Beautiful Cactus, they are such intriguing plants with the most incredible flowers, and incidentally the only thing I can (sometimes) grow!!

inkberryblue said...

Hi peta! I love your corner of the world. =] I have the second Natural Temptation book (I'm getting the first for my birthday) and so far I have made the sweet potato salad, which was tasty, and the butterbean and mushroom salad which was plate~lickingly delicious!