Thursday, 24 January 2008

I'm Still Here

I'm still here, taking things slowly in the summer heat.
I've been teaching myself to knit properly. I'm making a top down cardigan ~ the Cavern Cardi from CosmicPluto Knits. It's a case of trial and error ~ lots of errors! Knitting is a very different process from crochet (all those live stitches, crumbs) but I'm determined to get better ~ there are so many gorgeous patterns out there that I'd like to be able to knit up.
And when I require effortless, soothing handiwork I turn to the giant granny blanket I've been making.
Here's Molly, giving the blanket her stamp of approval:

I've been staying close to home, in part, to keep my garden going. After a slow start it has been a hot Summer and lots of the plants in my garden have scorched foliage. This sweet little geranium, that I struck from a cutting last year, now has lots of brown, crispy leaves. I'm giving it lots of TLC, and grey water, to bring it back.

I did brave the weather yesterday, however, and drove down South to catch up with friends. We had tea and yummy, organic cake at Balingup Bronze Gallery, and a delicious home made lunch of pumpkin and baked ricotta pasta ~ thankyou Felicity!


Anonymous said...

I really do LOVE that blanket!

How have you learnt to knit? Found some tutorial you might want to share, because I'm thinking of learning it myself... just don't know where to start!

inkberryblue said...

Hi christina!
How have I learnt to knit?
That's a good question! I thought it might make a good blog post actually so I'm planning on putting up some links to tutorials and writing a little about how I'm learning in the next few days.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Ang said...

great photos

Leah said...

the blanket is looking lovely! and nothing is better than kitty approval! :-)

it's so funny to hear about how hot it is on the other side of the world while i look out my window at the snow covered ground!

inkberryblue said...

Thanks so much riggwelter and leah.