Monday, 28 January 2008


I belong to a lovely, blogging community called Small Is Beautiful. This community is facilitated by two special souls ~ Rachelle Mee~Chapman from Magpie~Girl and Jen Lemen.

The Small Is Beautiful manifesto states
We believe stories are valuable, no matter how many people read them.
We believe following your passion is more important that watching your site meter.
We believe in the handmade, the first try, the small start, and the good effort.
We believe that small is beautiful.

Rachelle has asked that we submit our favourite seven posts from 2007.
in the spirit of the manifesto,
in no particular order
and with some shyness
I'm listing these posts, that come from the heart, which I wrote last year:

Aside from my humble contribution, you will find, if you click on Rachelle's link, that there is a treasury of posts, for you to read and savour, submitted by others members of the Small Is Beautiful community.


thistlegirl said...

I love looking at your photographs. They always make me smile and brighten my day. :)

Nan said...

Your blog is gorgeous!

I found you through Indigo Blue, it's so nice to find new treasure to enjoy, and I have added you to my book marks!

Thank you for posting about the small is beautiful, I submitted my request to join, and added the button to my blog, so others who find their way to my page will know about it as well.

Anonymous said...

found your site through my high school friend, Nannybird....hearing about hot summer makes me realize how small this world is with the computer age. I am from western new york, usa, and we are at 20 degrees F and had an ice storm yesterday...don't expect summer for awhile here, but enjoy hearing about yours. Great photos, and crochet. I'll visit again, but probably will visit a whole lot more often than I will comment. Thanks for brightening my day with 'summer'!

inkberryblue said...

thistlegirl, nannybird and mary, thankyou so much for visiting and leaving beautiful comments. Your kind words mean a lot to me.