Monday, 7 April 2008

Feathers, Fans And Flowers

As regular readers of this blog will know,
I'm teaching myself how to knit.
I thought I'd increase my knitting skills by trying a lace project
and chose a beginner's lace scarf pattern and tutorial,
which promised to be easy,
blithely cast on
...then proceeded to wrestle with it all through the weekend.
I've had to start over again about ten times,
which has been very frustrating,
I really need to learn how to fix up mistakes in knitting
(I find them much harder to deal with than mistakes in crochet)
so, when I think about it, it's all good ~
over the past three days I have learnt how to fix up unintentional increases,
I'm on my way to learning how to pick up dropped stitches,
I have discovered the invaluable technique of using lifelines
and I've produced this:

It's very small, it's very simple but I am so pleased with it.

...I'll leave you with a picture of an ivy geranium,
growing effortlessly and gracefully (unlike my knitting), at the back door:


Anonymous said...

Oh well done!! That's fabulous!!!

GreenishLady said...

Congratulations on learning some of the most important skills of knitting. I never came across Lifelines, but wish I had! Very clever.

Laurah said...

Great job! I have yet to try the feather and fan stitch. I love your picture of the flower, too!

Indigo Blue said...

Your sample looks really good. You are tackling some very difficult knitting here. I am still on the big chunky wool and bags. Have you looked at this which is a spin off from a book that I have reviewed on my blog. said...

I love those motifs!! I kind of like #1 better for a shawl, and I love the idea of putting a whole set of practices motifs together for a floor rug!!
And I think your feather and fan is sweet :>

Lynn said...

Beautiful job! I had to comment, since I too am a crocheter learning to knit. I have been trying to learn socks, and I have pulled it out at least 10 times. I am determined to make it and make it beautiful.

Love your blog!