Friday, 11 April 2008

Noro Cashmere Flavor And Japanese Crochet Motifs

The Noro Cashmere Flavor arrived yesterday morning.
I think it is absolutely exquisite:

The apricot skein is colourway number 5 and the purple skeins are colourway number 4.
(You can see what they look like knitted up if you look in Maschenkunst, the company that I purchased the yarn from. If you click on the American flag the site will be translated into English. Photos can be found in the Noro pages of both the Yarn section and the Gallery section.
Sorry ~ the site won't let me link the individual pages that show the photos, but they're gorgeous and well worth a look.)

Now I just have to decide which one I want to use to crochet the Garden Party Wrap. Maybe I'll make two!

I've also been playing with some patterns from the Japanese book Crochet Motif Item that I bought last year,
after getting inspiration from Kwoozy's lovely work,
with the idea that I'll make a scarf out of one of the patterns using some Anny Blatt mohair from my yarn stash.

This is motif number 30:

and this is motif number 32:

The motifs are made out of kitchen string, which is easy to work with, as are the clearly drawn diagrams in the pattern book. might be fun, and good practice, to crochet all of the motifs with jute and put them together into a floor rug.

...oh and, incidentally, if I ever get to be a good enough knitter I would love to make a pair of Rivendell socks. Aren't they beautiful?

Happy weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh the crocheted wrap is lovely and the Noro gorgeous!!! The socks are wonderful too!!!
Nice motifs, that would be a good way to use them.

Indigo Blue said...

I have just looked at the garden wrap and it is stunning! My crochet skills are not up to it at all. The wool would be perfect for it.. can't wait to see what you decide to do.

inkberryblue said...

Thank you so much for dropping by, 2paw and indigo blue!

indigo blue,
I'm hoping that the Garden Party Wrap isn't going to be too difficult ~ I know that crocheters over at Ravelry have been working it up quickly. I'm really looking forward to crocheting with the Noro and watching those colour changes unfold. =]

Anonymous said...

the crochet is looking good!

oohlala the noro looks great too!

MaryjoO said...

thannks for dropping by my blog, and now I get to look at yours -- fabulous! And you won't regret learning to knit; I do both. Maryjo

Anonymous said...

" might be fun, and good practice, to crochet all of the motifs with jute and put them together into a floor rug".
I was just thinking exactly the same thing.
The crochet looks wonderful, and the yarn you have chosen for the wrap. I look forward to seeing that finished.
Those Rivendell socks are wonderful aren't they?