Friday, 21 December 2007

Beaded Snowflakes

Yesterday, in between cleaning up my dusty home before a friend came over for drinks and busily making cards so that I could post them out in time for Christmas, I took a little break and beaded some snowflakes:

I was only going to make one, seeing as I had so much else to do, but they were so much fun, and so quick, to assemble I ended up making three:

... and I'm going to make some more today so that I can give them away as little gifts.

There is an excellent tutorial for constructing these over at Beading Daily. (These snowflakes would be great to make with children too.)


Anonymous said...

I love your snowflakes and other beading!
Your Mum's drawings are good too!
And of course the beautiful photos of flowers give me lots of pleasure!
Keep doing it!


inkberryblue said...

Thanks so much Lillian!
I'm so glad that you dropped by!
I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas.
See you soon.

Ang said...

oh those are so pretty, I am glad I didn't see these before Christmas, otherwise I'd have added them to my almost endless list!Most definitely one to remember for next year though.

inkberryblue said...

Thankyou riggwelter!
These little snowflakes were popular with their recipients.
I've been thinking that I might get together with my sisters, my mother, and my niece and nephew (the crafty ones in the family) to make more of these for next Christmas.

Carola said...

Those stars are absolutely gorgeous, and thanks for providing a link on how to make them, becasue I have been wondering!

And also, thanks for the sweet words about my Christmas blog post :)

inkberryblue said...

You are very welcome.
If you do make some stars I'd love to see the results.
Happy New Year!