Tuesday, 4 December 2007


I'm managing to get around to a little bit of Christmas creativity ~ in between paperwork I'm doing a few rounds of crochet or buying beading supplies...
Happily, I'm going to have time this weekend to get down to some serious crafting. I don't have any recent creations to show on this blog though because I've been so busy with my job, so here's a small pastel and pencil sketch of poinsettias that I drew, very quickly, a few years ago. I used it for some of my Christmas cards:

I usually make my own Christmas cards. This festive season, I'm thinking about using the photos I took of an Australian Painted Lady butterfly as a subject. Then again, I might use a photo I shot of a little, delicate, lemon coloured Cabbage White butterfly. Maybe I'll use watercolour paper and soft graphite pencils and oil crayons...or maybe I'll run out of time and end up photoshopping a butterfly drawing I've already done...Whatever I end up doing, I know I'll have fun playing with images.

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