Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Love On A String

I'm finally on holidays! Yay!
I spent all of Saturday crafting, which was heavenly,
and a lot of crocheting was done.
Unfortunately I can't post any of it here yet because it's for a swap
but I can show you some of the jewellery that I made.

Here's a close up of a necklace that I put together:

I made the necklace out of glass beads and semi~precious stones, stringing them on to tiger tail. The beautiful marled green stone you can see in the foreground is called prehnite. I also used rose quartz and aventurine. I love the properties that these stones are supposed to have ~ both the aventurine and the quartz are said to provide comfort and heart healing; the rose quartz is meant to engender feelings of unconditional love.

I made a memory wire bracelet to match:

This was made out of rose quartz, glass and bugle beads.
Actually, I'm going to reassemble this. I've decided that I'd like to include some of the aventurine chips that are in the necklace. I also want to add some blown glass focal beads that have been lying, forgotten, in my stash. These focal beads are made out of clear glass with little pink rosebuds encased inside, and I think they would look really sweet.

Lastly, here's the necklace and the memory bracelet, along with a carved jade bangle that I always wear.

I wanted all of these pieces to work together and I'm happy with the match.


Indigo Blue said...

On holiday! You lucky thing i still have two and a half days to drag myself through. Thanks, i do feel better, thanks goodness for medication! The colours of the stones are lovely. I like wearing memory braclets, no fiddly catches, can have stones of different sizes and fun to make, perfect.

inkberryblue said...

Thanks indigoblue.
I love making memory wire bracelets too. I have a whole collection in different colours and beads.