Saturday, 28 June 2008

Beads, Blossoms and Vintage Treasure

I've been so busy at work I've had little time to make anything
so I'm going to share some photos of a necklace that I crocheted a little while ago,
made out of ceramic beads and mercerised cotton:

I've received compliments when I've worn it, which is lovely, but I don't put it on very often because the beads chip easily. If I make another I'll use wooden beads, something like this necklace. (If you follow the link you'll find a tutorial on how to construct one yourself.)

Although there hasn't been time to do much crafting I've managed to squeeze in a bit of op~shopping, always good for my morale! I've bought a sweet little milk jug:

and a metal placard with a biblical quotation:

It's not clear in the photograph but it says He Faileth Not in gold letters on the bottom. I'd say they're both from the 1960s. I love 'em.

I still haven't registered for Green Thumb Sunday (an association of gardening bloggers) 'cause I haven't yet worked out how to add the blogroll but I'm going to post some photos from my garden anyway!

Here's one of the grevilleas:

at my backdoor,
is a pot of succulents and a little, wooden statue of a Balinese dancer
(she looks so gentle and sad):

here's a photo of one of the Marguerite Daisies,
flowering in profusion right now:

Just before I finish I'd like to say thank you to everybody who's left comments here of late.
I really appreciate your friendship.
Have a wonderful week!


The Restless Knitter said...

those beads are delicious! And so is that handspun yarn below! I've been spinning quite alot lately, inspired by so many talented spinners who blog. The shawl pin you mentioned was just from Spotlight actually, it was about $3 I think. I wanted a red one and looked on etsy for something really funky but couldn't find anything that took my fancy. Thanks for your kind words :-) Since I sent that neckwarmer to my sister I've had 3 orders from family members who also want one!

Rachel said...

Love that necklace - great colors! And thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

No wonder people compliment you, the necklace is lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh the daisies again... beautiful!

Love the necklace, I should think you do get compliments for it, it's gorgeous, and thanks for the link.

Pretty milk jug too.

And, you're very welcome, you're an inspiration to me.

magnusmog said...

I love the necklace - it's been ages since I made any jewellery.....

Nan said...

Your pictures are all so lovely, art work in themselves to me.

I made a couple of necklaces with this technique using buttons, they are so cute and I always get compliments on them when I wear them. I love the idea of using wooden bead too, but this one you made is gorgeous, I can see why everyone likes it! Too bad that the beads tend to chip though.