Saturday, 21 June 2008

Small Projects

I've been busy, busy, busy with work this week
so, on the craft side, I have just been making small things:

another Victorian Lace washcloth:

(for me this time),

a washcloth for a friend's birthday:

and a scarf, crocheted out of yummy Jet wool and alpaca,
using crochetroo's fan bookmark pattern:

I also received some absolutely gorgeous hand~spun yarn from insubordiknit:

Isn't it beautiful? I couldn't believe my luck when I came across it in her shop ~ her online store usually sells out really quickly. This is destined to become some fingerless gloves or a cowl the midst of all the demands that are made of me by my work,
working with my hands gives me such simple pleasure.

Although I haven't had time to sign myself up properly to Green Thumb Sunday (which I wrote about and linked in my last post) I'm going to finish with two photographs of something else that brings me joy,
my garden in Winter.

The last of the chameleon roses:

and one of my spiky strelitzias.
I love the dramatic blooms:

Wishing you all a week that's illuminated by simple pleasure too.


Ellen Bloom said...

I can't take my eyes off your FANtastic scarf! I'm addicted to those things! I love the color yarn you crocheted it with!

petrafanella said...

That is a beautiful scarf. your posts are drawing me in more and more. I love the scarf. I am wanting to make some more different shape scarves. I also LOVE strelitzias - so divine. one of my favourite flowers. And I think the yarn should be a cowl. What a beautiful colour, which incidentally matches the gorgeous purply blue in the strelitzia. AND, I just love that you take the time to make washcloths. That is beautiful. Something which is an integral part of daily life, suchj a gorgeous but simple thing.

Rachel said...

The spun yarn is sooo pretty! And that crochet scarf is awesome, I love patterns like that!

Indigo Blue said...

OOOOOOOh I love the red scarf!!! The shaping is so clever. I wish I had someone local who could show in person how to actually follow the patterns. Still working with good lod granny squares with Inga's bag shape then hope to progress from there. Hope the work eases up soon. Mine should calm down a bit after the 30th June.

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are wonderful, very dramatic blooms!

Love the scarf too, I came across something similar in "Knitting Daily" called "The Mermaid Scarf".

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh let me join the chorus -- love that scarf! And the blooms -- so exotic and pretty. Lots of color in this post. My eyes say thank you!

2paw said...

Love your crocheting and the scarf is beautiful, it looks very lush!! Is that last flower called a bird of paradise too??? It's crying out to be a sock wool colour I think!!!