Sunday, 8 June 2008


I've finished the Cotton Candy Shrug that I wrote about in my last post. There are just a few ends that need to be sewn in.
Here it is:

...and here's the back:

It's not really wonky ~ it just looks that way because I'm swinging my arm around to take the shot. It's really hard to take good photographs of a garment while you're wearing it! I'm really happy with it...and a bit sorry that the pattern isn't available anymore because it's such a simple, cleverly constructed design.

When I've finished writing all my reports for work I'm planning on making more clothes. I've just bought this beautiful kettle dyed wool from yarnomat to crochet a butterscotch cardigan with.

I've also got my eyes on susana's jacket from the latest Yarn magazine. (If you open up the link, it's the apricot coloured cardie.) It is designed for beginner knitters and is made out of gorgeous, and very reasonably priced, handspun wool from wool connection.

And, speaking of things handmade, I recently received a beautiful hand stitched book cover that I bought over at indigo blue designs. It was all wrapped up gorgeously:

It's so pretty:

and will be perfect for knitting and crochet notes!

Have a great week, everybody.


Indigo Blue said...

I love this shrug!! I know I shouldn't but I am green with envy. Your photo session made me smile, quite an aerobic workout and they are STILL straight and in focus!
Masny thanks for your kind words and I am tickled pink to think that my efforts are now living halfway around the world.

Rachel said...

That yarn is beautiful! And the book is so pretty - I love the little stitches!

petrafanella said...

that yarnis beautiful!!! I love getting new yarn - i loove the look of it all twisted up in its skein and i love the smell of it... is that weird??

Anonymous said...

Your Cotton Candy Shrug is very sweet! You're going to get lots of complements every time you wear it!

Anonymous said...

Nice shrug, and very cute little book, but I like the beautiful green wool best of all!!! Your Butterscotch will be yummy!!

Grace Garton said...

Pretty, pretty, so much lovely things to look at!
Love the shrug looks great on and what I really like is the way it fits nicely around the back.
GREEN WOOL my favourite, I can smell its freshness from here!
Now must check out indigo blue again, thats a very pretty book cover!!

Anonymous said...

Oh a lovely shrug and that yarn is beautiful, I love that colour. Great notebook too.
have a nice weekend yourself.

magnusmog said...

I just bought exactly the same colour and type of yarn to make some socks with! Good luck with the cardigan.

Inmaclamir said...

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