Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Daisies and Mosaics

I live in an open plan unit, built in the seventies, that I am slowly redecorating.

When I first bought my place the kitchen was tiled with orange daisy tiles. They were pretty loud but kind of endearing (in a retro, floral sort of way) so I decided to use their motif and colours in d├ęcor I made. You can see one of the daisy tiles next to this mosaic pot.

Here’s a daisy throw I painted for my sofa:

a funky flower mosaic table under construction:

and some other mosaics…

I made the bird bath at a weekend workshop at Fremantle Arts Centre. Information about their fabulous courses can be found here.

I’m planning on going to Workshed Mosaics, where they have a great big studio, and making my own splashback for the kitchen. I'd like to incorporate some of the original tiles. I’m also thinking of using a white on white sort of colour~way, sparkly mirror tiles, shapes that reflect the flower in the mosaic table…
It'll be time consuming (and really enjoyable) to make.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Testing, testing..., two, three...