Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Today's post is brought to you by the colour...


I have an array of rose~coloured items for show and tell,

  • Pink cotton that's in the process of being crocheted into a wash cloth for a secret swap partner over at Ravelry:

  • A chunky pink necklace that I've just strung together:

  • A pretty silk top,
    found while I was op~shopping,
    that has pink roses embroidered into it:

  • Pink geraniums, blooming at my back door:

  • ...and more pink (and blue and green) beads:

Continuing my theme,
I've also been feeling in the pink,
ever since attending a vocal workshop led by the fabulous Tony Backhouse. I haven't been to choir for months; I'd forgotten just how joyful it is to sing and to be surrounded by beautiful harmonies.

Best of all, I'm tickled pink.
I've just had six month's leave approved for the second half of next year.
How lucky am I?

What's colouring your world?

Sunday, 14 September 2008


I took a little time out from my job last week and did lots of crafting,
which was fun ~ and I've made quite a lot of progress on the things that I have been creating.

The wire cuff that I've been crocheting is nearly finished.
Here's what it looks like when it's worn:

and when seen close~up:

I like its boldness and its weight; it feels good on. (Now I just have to work out how to fasten it off!) Working with wire is very more~ish. I want to make a wire crochet necklace next, and I'm planning on following this YouTube tutorial.

I've also finished the Crocus Scarf:

It's very soft against the skin and, as you can see, matches one of the affirmation stones that I've recently received from the lovely McCabe at dancing mermaid.

Here are the rest of the pebbles that McCabe's sent me:

I think that they're all delightful!
Since I've had them I've been reflecting and meditating on the idea of being enough:
I often get caught up in busyness and perpetual hurry, especially at work,
and it's good to stop and remind myself that I really am enough.
I don't have to push myself all of the time
and I'm allowed to be creative and to play.
(Robyn Posin explores this notion beautifully.)
I'm wondering, does what I'm saying resonate with anyone else?

Wishing you all a week that's graced by creativity and playfulness.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Fathers' Day and Flowers

Yesterday was Fathers' Day ~ here in Australia we celebrate it on the first Sunday of September.
I spent most of yesterday morning playing around with images to put on my dad's card.
I considered these three:

and I ended up choosing the last photo of the yellow daisy on the blue tile.

Craftwise, it's been a quiet week.
I've been op~shopping (thrifting for my American friends) and found these floral sheets:

I have a vague notion that I'd like to use these in a quilt. I've never quilted anything big before but these gorgeous examples over at Bella Dia, Old Red Barn Co. and Alicia Paulson's make me want to try.

I also thought that I'd share something that I made, as a practice piece, a while ago:

It's a piece of calico that I tie dyed and then drew on with Pentel Fabric Pastels. It was a lot of fun to make ~ the Pentel pastels were very soft and oily, and blended really well. It would be good to repeat the patten on a larger piece of fabric...and I've a vague notion that I'd like to quilt with this too!

What's inspiring you this week?