Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Nuno Felting, Bushwalking and Frogging (sigh)

I've been to a nuno felting course at Fremantle Arts Centre. (Nuno's a technique which involves felting fibre into fabric with water, soap and agitation.) It was so much fun!
My tutor, Louise Snook, was lovely ~
enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable and generous with her skills,
the materials I got to use were glorious ~ richly coloured wool tops and hand~dyed silk tissue (from Treetops Colours),
I loved that there was an element of surprise to the process,
the method was very fast (I made a silk poncho in two hours flat),
and it can easily be done at home in the kitchen.
There's going to be more!!

Here's one of my samples:

The sample is made out of wool tops, scraps from an old nylon scarf and ribbon yarn. It didn't adhere together as well as it might (I should have put another fine layer of wool over the ribbon) but I like the colours and I love the possibilities!

And here's the silk poncho:
(It's the size of a scarf and, when I get the chance, I'll take some photos of what it looks like on.)

It's made out of silk georgette and fine merino tops.
I was really happy with how this turned out,
especially the colours:

its delicacy:

and the linear textures created by the felting process:

It was fun to photograph too!

And now on to my Monroe Lacy Stole.
Not such a happy story.
Here it is...

...just before I discovered that I'd made mistakes on some of the shells at the sides and had to frog it back to a fifth of its size...and I was going to wear it out to lunch this Saturday. Ho hum.

But I'm on holidays
so I haven't been staying down for long,
especially when I've been able to do things like go out bushwalking
through the beautiful Darling Ranges
with an old school friend (who didn't mind how many photos I took, bless her)
in sparkling Winter sunshine:

Nyaania Creek, Darlington

The Bee Tree. (Named so because it has a hive of native bees living in one of its branches.)

The Bee Tree close up.

Bark detail.

As well as glorious trees, my friend and I came across tiny blue wrens and a bubbling spring and jonquils...and we had a yummy vegetarian lunch at a little cafe in Glen Forest.
Days like that one make me feel glad to be alive.

to close,
I wanted to share a few life affirming websites that I've found ~
the wishstudio
and, especially,
kind over matter and gratefulness.org

Wishing you all moments of glad~to~be~aliveness.
Have a wonderful week.