Sunday, 27 June 2010

Little Pockets of Joy

I have sat down at the computer with the intention of posting here quite a few times over the past month but the words just haven't wanted to come. It's been very, very busy at work and I've been doing loads of reporting, interviewing, commenting, reviewing...
And I think I'm just all talked out.
(Which some members of my family will find very hard to believe, I know.)

So today I'm just going to share photos,
of things that, in amongst all of the hard work, have brought me joy.

I've walked around Lake Monger in the soft light of dusk:

I've also spent an afternoon with my mum,
where we drank tea, talked honestly, and busied ourselves with crochet and knitting ~ Mum making bandicoot bags for the local wildlife rehabilitation centre, me working on yet another Sweet Lorraine scarf.

I have admired the little posy of marigolds that's been sitting at my sink,

finished the ring I've been working on in my silver smithing classes (hooray!)

and met the charming Little Red Hen for afternoon tea at Fremantle Arts Centre.
But more about that in my next post...

I'd love to know what's been bringing joy to you.