Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I'm feeling very rested.
I've recently come back from a beautiful women's weekend retreat.
I went to a property in the forest
and spent two days with gentle souls
in a very special and sacred part of the Earth.
I meditated
and read
and had reiki,
took long, solitary walks
out by granite outcrops and huge red~gum trees,
soaked in the stillness and the quietness and the wildness,
walked a sacred spiral by candlelight,
prayed softly,
drew mandalas of stars and women with knowing eyes,
shared delicious meals rich in replenishing food and laughter
... it was full of loveliness and I feel so blessed to have been invited.

Woorooloo Brook, prayer flags and gum trees.

The bridge.

The dam. Last year we floated tea lights on it at night. It was so pretty.

The Chinese Tallow tree in winter.

The perfumed garden.



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