Wednesday, 8 August 2007


This is a little pencil sketch I made of a small succulent that grows in my back garden...and here's a photo of it:

One of my favourite authors, SARK, uses the term succulent frequently. In fact, she's penned a fabulous book called Succulent Wild Woman where she defines succulent as " ripe. juicy. whole. round. exuberant. wild. rich. wide. deep. firm. rare. female." SARK writes, with great candour, about self nurturing, creativity and living joyfully. She also hosts a wonderful online community called PlanetSark which I've belonged to for over three years.

Some of the members of PlanetSark have beautiful blogs. These include:

Leonie life Leonie is gorgeous. She's a writer, photographer, artist and spiritual soul,

dancing mermaid McCabe also takes photographs, paints clothes and writes with great honesty and sensitivity,

abc creativity Andrea is an artist and creativity advocate who holds marvellous workshops,

romantic circus songs Lisa Marie is a writer. She just wrote a poem called Never Made it to L.A. which knocked my socks off,

and side project Melissa's blog is completely handwritten and full of whimsy.

Be inspired!


Anonymous said...

Your sketch is simply lovely.

Lela said...

That's such a sweet sketch

inkberryblue said...

Louise and lela,
Thank you so much for your kind comments.
It's lovely to receive them.

Anonymous said...

i am deeply honored to be linked to such a beautiful post, by such a beautiful woman....

with love

inkberryblue said...

You are a darling.