Monday, 27 August 2007


Last week was a full week. I spent the evenings:
  • in rehearsal for an up and coming concert my choir is performing,

  • at after hours work meetings,

  • receiving bowen therapy and jin shin jyutsu massage (which was blissful)

  • and drinking champagne, with my mother and father, at Cedric Baxter's exhibition opening at the Linton and Kay Gallery in Subiaco. Cedric is a fabulous artist who produces elegant, figurative art work. If you live in Perth, his exhibition is well worth a look. I was very happy to spend the weekend simply. For the most part, I crocheted on the couch, kept company by my cat and my graceful goldfish Trace. Here are some photographs of my little fish. They don't really capture her prettiness (it's hard to take good shots of a subject who's in perpetual motion and who lives in a hexagonal tank) but hopefully they give some indication of how sweet she is.

Photos of crochet to follow...

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