Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Bouquet Of Cotton (and lots of links)

I have been admiring the gorgeous vintage crochet potholders over at Purlbee for a while now.
I've been inspired to search out some retro patterns like
this retro inspired pot holder
and this one
aaaaaaaaaand this one
but, alas, I haven't found that there's a great deal of cotton sold locally that comes in a wide enough variety of colours to play with or, if it does, is suitably I was delighted to read, on the Aussie Knitters forum on Ravelry, that an Australian Ebay seller, called Natty Yarns, was clearing her (substantial) stock of Lily Sugar n Cream.
I bought twenty three balls
and here are just some of them...

yarn = joy

1 comment:

Dawn said...

oh wow!

I *so* love sugar n' cream yarn.

I seriously feel the need to buy some everytime I'm in the store.

shhh.. I think I'm addicted. ;)