Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Thankyou, A Present And Some Charity Work

I'd like to start off this post by expressing gratitude to the people who've commented here. I appreciate your attention and support, and when I get time I'm going to respond to you individually. Thank you.

I've finished felting the little pouch I am making as a belated birthday present for my mum.
Here it is pre~felting,

here it is post~felting

and here's a close~up which I've included, really, to show the sweet seaside and snowflake daisies that have self seeded in my garden!

Now I've just got to sew the felted daisy pocket on to the front, and make some ties and a button.

I'm also using the pattern to make some little pouches for orphaned possums and bandicoots that are being cared for at the wonderful Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. For overseas people who are reading this, here's a picture of a ringtailed possum, which is one of the species of marsupial that Kanyana nurses.

This little possum's name is Scaredy and I befriended her when I was holidaying in Margaret River at the beginning of the year. The picture's a bit fuzzy I know (I didn't take many shots because I didn't want to hurt her eyes with the flash from my camera) but it gives you an idea of how lovely these creatures are.

If anyone would like to help out and make pouches for the wildlife centre too, please leave me a comment and I'll send you details.

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