Sunday, 7 October 2007

Op~Shopping Treasures

I recently spent a day op~shopping and cafe hopping with my sister (one of my most favourite ways of unwinding.) I found a little vase, at St Vincent de Paul's, to add to my growing array of hand~painted and hand~thrown ceramics. Here it is, along with a few other pieces from my collection, on the right:

Incidentally, the roses are a gift from my darling neighbour...and the delectable apple slice was purchased from the New Norcia cafe. I (decadently) ate it for breakfast right after taking these photos...mmm...


thistlegirl said...

oooh what lovely flowers :)

I like the ceramics too!

Anonymous said...

Here via link jumping at Small is beautiful. Could you let me know if that is a variegated rose in that vase? If so, that's awesome!

PS: your crochet 'ghan is gorgeous!

inkberryblue said...

Hi misti!
Thanks so much for dropping by.
Yes, both the deep pink rose and the yellow/orange rose are variegated. I'll find out what their names are if you like.