Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ravelry and Rain

It's too overcast to take photographs right now, we've had two days of drenching rain, so I have no new pictures to share...but this old photo of Molly is cute, don't you think? Despite the lack of evidence, there has been a lot of crocheting going on here. I'm working on Mum's flower bag, adding rows of pink and mauve to my Easy Daisy blanket, and I have started crocheting a lacy wrap, more about that later.

I've been exploring Ravelry too. I received my invite a few weeks ago but I have only just gotten around to having a really good look through it. What a fantastic resource! I've been browsing through patterns for cardigans this morning. It is so easy to access information about, and people's opinions on, garments. I love it!

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Kathy Ann said...

Hi there just got your message regarding my lapghan on granny along. Just wanted to say thank you for your comment! Looking through your blog i have to say I LOVE the floral illustrations they are amazing. I will be sure to add your blog to my favourites list :-)
take care Kathy ann