Sunday, 8 July 2007

Progress Shots and Pattern Sales

Progress on my daisy granny blanket has been slow but enjoyable. I've decided that the centre panel of daisy squares will be small so I am only putting together nine squares before I start the giant granny border. I've used a different colour for each daisy square.

My next step is to block them.

I've also just bought this pattern from a site called Hass Design. There's some beautiful thread crochet available and they're having a sale!


Anonymous said...

Very cute FiFi!! Almost good'nuff 2 eat!!! Love the photo's that you have taken of these. You should be proud. They look ex!!!

Mwa! The Queen of Speed xxxx

Anonymous said...

The white flower raised on the green background looks especially gorgeous, much nicer than the standard crochet rug squares.

Ellen Bloom said...

I am in love with those daisy squares! As soon as I have a chance, I'm going to crochet some! I think they might make a beautiful shawl using sport-weight yarn!
Thanks for the pattern.

Ellen B.
Los Angeles