Sunday, 19 August 2007

Simple Food

I really enjoy writing here and I delight in reading other people's blogs.
I especially like the way that blogs often celebrate and elevate the ordinary. They inspire me, sometimes in ways that I'm surprised by ~ like the way I've started cooking again since I've been blogging. Seeing fabulous posts like Louise's, Kat's, Meshell's or the fabulous Posie's has a lot to do with this rekindled desire. These women do simple food really well...and here's some more evidence. This is a picture of Kat's guacamole.
(You can find the recipe here.)
It was delicious!

Here's my humble contribution ~ part of my breakfast. I topped the strawberries and passionfruit with natural yoghurt, almonds and honey, and had it with a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice...mmm...

...and a photo of a posy of flowers from my garden, just because they're so pretty.

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Snapdragons said...

Mmm, guacamole... I am jealous ;)

Your garden roses are beautiful.