Saturday, 6 September 2008

Fathers' Day and Flowers

Yesterday was Fathers' Day ~ here in Australia we celebrate it on the first Sunday of September.
I spent most of yesterday morning playing around with images to put on my dad's card.
I considered these three:

and I ended up choosing the last photo of the yellow daisy on the blue tile.

Craftwise, it's been a quiet week.
I've been op~shopping (thrifting for my American friends) and found these floral sheets:

I have a vague notion that I'd like to use these in a quilt. I've never quilted anything big before but these gorgeous examples over at Bella Dia, Old Red Barn Co. and Alicia Paulson's make me want to try.

I also thought that I'd share something that I made, as a practice piece, a while ago:

It's a piece of calico that I tie dyed and then drew on with Pentel Fabric Pastels. It was a lot of fun to make ~ the Pentel pastels were very soft and oily, and blended really well. It would be good to repeat the patten on a larger piece of fabric...and I've a vague notion that I'd like to quilt with this too!

What's inspiring you this week?


Indigo Blue said...

Not sure how big the painted calico sample is but some hand quilting would look lovely. I have a give away going if you fancy going a prize.

Anonymous said...

what is inspiring me this week?

love all this.
i have played with fabric paint but never knew how to quite use the pens.

mccabe x

maryeb said...

That is some gorgeous fabric. I love seeing your practice pieces too.

Thanks for sharing about Father's Day. I enjoy learning things about other countries. Fun facts!

I haven't been feeling terribly inspired this week, so I'm reading blogs, etc.
Your's is a big help:)

Anonymous said...

what's inspiring me? well that's gonna have to be a blog on it's own.

I love that last shot with the yellow flower, I even had to turn my face away as it's so bright!

Love the calico and fabric pastels too, looking forward to seeing what you do with those.

Daisymum said...

Cool fabric. I looks like it would be fun to quilt with.

Rachel said...

Love those flowers you made with pastels - so soft and full of texture!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

How I love the fabric you created! It would be fabulous in a quilt.

What's inspiring me? Well, I've started photographing one self-portrait a day -- don't know how long it'll last, but it's keeping me on my toes.

Nan said...


I agree with the pick you made for your father's card, though they are all great pictures.