Thursday, 2 October 2008

Spring Break

I'm on holidays again, which is lovely. I've been doing a little spring cleaning, but not too much. (I read this article in The New York Times and I like the idea of saying yes to my mess.)
I have made a point of going very slowly
... sleeping, catching up with friends, reading on the couch...
and I've spent time in my garden; such a restorative thing to do.
It's spring time, so lots of the plants are flowering.
My coral gum is in bloom right now:

(It's also hosting a bunch of sawfly larvae, which are all clustered together, tapping their tails. I haven't seen any since I was a child ~ we used to call them spitfires ~ so I'm thrilled that they've come to stay in my backyard.)

I've also made a memory wire bracelet to go with the pink necklace I showed in my last post:

...and I've received a wonderful surprise package from Cindy2paw as part of a swap I've participated in over at Ravelry:

Cindy's spoiled me rotten. As you can see, she's sent me a gorgeous leafy green washcloth, the sweetest floral project bag that she's sewn herself, pretty lavender soap, Tasmanian fudge, a purple notebook, postcards from the Apple Isle and a lovely card with a photo of her adorable dogs. Everything was beautifully wrapped in bright green paper and purple, silk ribbon...there were lots of squeals of delight as I opened it all up!

...and don't you think the project bag goes beautifully with the Spring Ripple Scarf that I’m working on right now?:

Thanks so much, Cindy.

May your week be wonderful.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

What a color feast for the eyes! Your coral gum photos are beautiful, and I love that scarf you're working on. Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

How funny that I was your swap!! I am glad you liked your parcel, it was lovely to make it up for you. It's very strange to see The Labradors on another blog!!
What a nice holiday it sounds. I like being in the garden too, though I'm not a good gardener at all. Oh, your scarf is VERY nice. I am crocheting a hat at the moment!!!

Samsara said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Imagine my surprise when I clicked through for a return visit and I saw Harki and Peri looking at me! Your ripple scarf is beautiful! I love the colours! Enjoy your holiday! :-)

Anonymous said...

amazing plant! and i love the reminder of springtime during our fall.

Ria said...

I was kind of confused with the spring break thing until I realized the seasons are opposite in the southern hemisphere.

i love the ripple scarf, beautiful colors.

Ria (tonyfan4ever on Ravelry)

Rachel said...

The flowers on your coral gum are beautiful!

Fiber Deviant said...

oh gosh! the pictures of your coral gums are so beautiful!

and what a lovely swap package! i agree the scarf and bag go very well together!

and thanks for the link to the nytimes article... i am always looking for justification for my messiness! lol

enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful package! I love that scarf you're working on at the moment, what yarn is that?
Love those flowers too.

inkberryblue said...

Thank you for the lovely comments everyone. =]
the yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock wool in colourway 188.

Ceci said...

How FUN to read about Spring Break with my own spring just a hope right now. I adore spring. But ahh, at least I have some cool weather to look forward to; I can get my sweaters out. :D

You take lovely photos!

ceci9293 from the Ravelry blog comment train