Sunday, 3 May 2009

Buttons, bags, biscuits...back to business!

I'm very happy to report that my new bamboo floor has been installed.
It's taken a bit of doing.
There's been a lot of dust swirling around,
much packing and unpacking,
a weekend spent wading about on a gritty concrete pad
but it's all over
and I love it!
It's shiny,
beautifully patterned
and it even smells nice (in a woody sort of a way.)

(The first photo best captures the real colour.)

who's terribly timid and who's spent a lot of time hiding under the bed,
is very glad it's all over too:

Renovating has been unexpectedly time consuming but,
since the floor's been finished,
I've had more time and energy to devote to being creative
and my chevron lace cardi now boasts a sleeve:

Incidentally, here's a close up of the button necklace I'm wearing with the cardi:

I made it, stringing the buttons with fine wire, a few years ago.

I've been keeping the cardi in this gorgeous bag that I bought from the Station Street Markets out at Subiaco:

I love the applique flower, the polka dot lining and, especially, the vintage corduroy fabric ~ my mum made me a butterfly sleeved smock out of material much like it in the seventies.
When I've finished the cardigan I'm looking forward to wearing it with the bag.

I've even been baking. I made these orange and poppyseed shortbread fingers for friends who came over for morning tea:

They're moist and tasty
and my visitors left with the recipe, which is always a good thing.

Have a wonderful week everybody.
...and thanks for dropping by.
I haven't been posting a lot of late, I know, and I really appreciate that people still take the time to come and visit.


Indigo Blue said...

The floor looks very good. Worth the trouble. Your cat looks very similar to mine, just more grey as mine is more brown. I have some wore somewhere upstairs so I might have a play with some odd buttons I have. Thank you for thinking of me. I wore my button necklace to work and I had several nice comments about it. we are gardening today and I am taking a break after digging and planting for 2 hours. Back at it again once my hubby has empited the garden rubbish bags is the tip.
Take care and it is good to hear from you.

magnusmog said...

the floor looks great and the cat will have a great time chasing things all over the shiny surface :)

Rachel said...

Love the look of the new floor!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Very cute cardigan! And that bag is gorgeous, too. Enjoy that floor!

Brandi Reynolds said...

mmmm....bamboo flooring. whenever it's time to update the pergo in our home, that's definitely what I want.

love that photo of your sweet kitty-and that button necklace is adorable!

2paw said...

I am so glad you are happy with your floor!! It looks fabulous as does your cardi. It's really nice!! Hello to Molly and I hope she is feeling more at home and not slippy sliding on the floor too much. Is that a part of a rug in the first picture??

Beansieleigh said...

Your new floor looks great, but I absolutely LOVE the cardigan, purse, AND necklace!! I have so many projects going at once, but I have been wanting to try some jewelry with buttons for some time now. Sometime soon hopefully! Love the colors you've used too! Tea sounds nice too!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

seems to me like you've been busy as well! lol... i absolutely love the flooring! its beautiful! and so is your cardigan!! Gorgeous!! :D

Anonymous said...

The cardigan is coming along nicely - I love the colour - the bag will go so nicely with it. I've been debating whether or not to make this cardigan - ideally I'd like to spin the wool for it myself but that will mean that it'll be ready somewhere around spring 2012... hmmm, better get cracking! :)
Love the necklace too!

Julia said...

Looks like your cardi is coming along nicely and congratulations on your new floor! Oh, and I love the bag!

The Big Burbs said...

Wow. I'm floored by your floor!... and your cardigan, bag and necklace. The color palette they create together is lovely!

Alexandra said...

Your cardigan is very pretty! I love the necklace too! Congratulations on the floor - it looks great!

Anonymous said...

Found you from Ravelry Blogging Group. :)

Love your new floor and your cardigan! And those shortbread fingers look yummy.

Red Hen (dette) said...

Your floor looks great and your cat very cute, that's a great photo of him! I did wonder about the bag briefly but didn't want to be pushy, having said that I'm in no rush and have been busy myself!all in good time....

lupinbunny said...

Hey, ages ago you left a comment on my blog asking where I bought stainless steel yarn. I only just found the comment - I bought it online at the The Knitting Hutch. Shipping was quite reasonable. I think you can also get it at Purl Soho online.

Emerald said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading it all. I love the floor and I hope your kitty adjusts well to it. When we put down similar flooring my dogs had the worst time! We, of course, laughed like crazy. :)

Anonymous said...

Such a Beutiful floor! I love the tantalising glimpse of rug and the very, very, very gorgeous bag.
My mum has a Tabby named Molly too =^.^=
My first (and not my last) visit to your blog has been very enjoyable.

Unknown said...

I love that bag it's gorgeous!

LĂșcia said...

Hi, how are you?
The lovely bag is my favorite too.
Very nice shots.


VictoriaG said...

Hey, is that a toothbrush rug on your new bamboo floor? Love it!
~Vicki (nonaofsav on Ravelry)
p.s....I love the cardigan too :-)