Thursday, 11 October 2007

Shill Shell Shawl

I've started to make a shawl:

Christmas falls in Summer, here in Australia, and I really want to have a light stole to wear out over the festive season. After browsing through Ravelry, I've decided to make a Shill Shell Shawl. The pattern's free (which is always good), I'm using Jo Sharp DK cotton which I already had in my stash (even better), it's working up really quickly (excellent!) and, because it's made in one piece, I think it's going to be a lot sturdier than the Champagne Wrap I originally planned to crochet with this yarn.

...and a note to anyone out there who is planning on making one of these shawls too ~ although this is a very clearly written pattern, I had difficulty getting this started. I made a repeated error in the first row because the shells pulled the base chain which caused me to, mistakenly, skip three chains, instead of two chains, after every shell. The third chain, having been pulled by the shell, was tiny and I didn't count it. (I hope this makes sense!)

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