Sunday, 21 October 2007

Shill Shelling and Tea Cosying

I've continued to work on my Shill Shell Shawl. I have been trying to complete three rows a night. It's made with DK yarn so the going is fairly slow but I'm optimistic that it'll be ready to wear for the beginning of December.

I'm also participating in the Aussie Tea Cosy Swap over at Ravelry. I've been looking at cosy patterns (Crochetroo has some sweet ones, including free instructions for a gorgeous scallop tea cosy)...and stalking my partner. No~one's revealing their identity so there's an element of surprise to it all. It's fun!

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Anonymous said...

So, if you're in a tea cosy swap, how will your partner know what size to make? Could there perhaps be a picture or dimensions??
A Well-Wisher