Sunday, 3 August 2008


I have chunky beads, chunky(ish) yarn and a chunky coconut shell button to show today.
I'll start off with the beads.
In my last post I said that I wanted to make some necklaces to go with an orangey~red bracelet that I wear a lot and this is the first that I've come up with:

It's made of big glass beads from India, small foil beads and quartz chips strung onto tiger tail. I've been wearing it to work and a little boy I see often took time out from being naughty to say "Nice necklace, Miss,"
so I consider it to be a success!

I've also been playing around with neck warmers and have been crocheting this:

I've used Cleckheaton Vintage Hues wool and this pattern for a crochet scarflette.
(Be warned, although my McAfee Site Advisor says that the page the pattern's on is from a safe site some of the adverts on the page might not be suitable for young children.)
I've modified the pattern by omitting the crochet shells and by putting a button hole into one end. I found the coconut button on Saturday and it really is big ~ about 5cm by 5cm (that's about 2 inches by 2 inches for my American friends). I'm hoping to get the neck warmer finished off tonight.

In other crafty news, I've been drawing up a design for a mosaic backsplash for my kitchen. If I can get away from work (wish me luck) I'd really like to start working on it on Wednesday. There's something terribly therapeutic about smashing tiles.

Thank you, by the way, to everybody who left comments on what I could do with the vintage buttons I posted about the last time I wrote here. It's great to get your input.


Anonymous said...

Smashing tiles...sounds fun! I bet the backsplash will look very cool and unique! We made little tiles made of smashed class in fourth and fifth was really very fun!

The necklace is REALLY pretty! I love everything about it! You're very good with jewelry!

I also really like your neckwarmer! The button goes perfectly with it!

Fiber Deviant said...

love your color choices in both the necklace and the scarflette!

Rachel said...

Love that button!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it all, especially the coconut button. Good luck with the back splash, I'm looking forward to seeing that.