Sunday, 10 August 2008

An Owl and an Angel

My mother is an imaginative creature.
She often draws onto wood and pebbles ~ seeing images in their surfaces and bringing them to life with her pencils. She drew this little owl, quickly, yesterday and gave it to me when we met for coffee:

Mum also presented me with a belated birthday gift ~ a little kneeling angel:

I found it difficult to photograph in the frame,
but I kind of like the way the reflection of my hands works in this shot:

I love them both!
Thanks Mum.

I've continued to work on scarves.
(Work is really complicated and challenging right now. Creating simple things is like an antidote ~ soothing and relaxing.)
I've just about finished the scarflette I wrote about in my last post (I'm planning on uploading some pictures soon) and I've been crocheting a Crocus Scarf with some cheerful, bright red wool:

I've also bought some balls of Noro sock yarn from The Wool Shack:

which are destined to become a Spring Ripple Scarf or a Wavelength Scarf. I'm really looking forward to seeing the repeats of all that beautiful colour emerge as I crochet.

Happy creating everybody.


Anonymous said...

Oh the angel stone is positively iconic!!What a creative mum you have.
I have sent my scarf off with my friend to Italy...yours looks very cheery and I love the Noro!!

I hope work is a little less stressful this week.

Indigo Blue said...

I understand stressful work and you have my sympathy. I have switched off for 2 weeks then a phone call today from a colleague saying we have to think about work again brought me back to earth. I shall look at stones more carefully from now on. I would like to pass on an award to you as your work is very inspiring, especially your crochet.
Best wishes

Rachel said...

The gifts from your mother are really beautiful! And I love the way the angel is framed!

Anonymous said...

Those stones are beautiful - what a wonderful gift. I love the colour you've chosen for the scarf - it's look amazing.

Cindy said...

Your Mom is a wonderful artist! Love the stones!

petrafanella said...

Wow, how beautiful and precious are those stones??

Cindy said...

I am going to comment again to let you know I am tagging you for a meme. Come look at the rules on my blog!

Fiber Deviant said...

thanks for the comments on the dream project... i am getting closer to completion... it is not turning out like the one in my dream... but is turning out well!

love the stones... what an interesting art form! they are beautiful.

fiber arts are definitely relaxing... almost meditative.

my mantra is "loop, loop, stitch"

love the scarf...the color is absolutely gorgeous...

and of course noro is always wonderful... love the colorways!

hope your situation at work improves... oh and by the way... happy belated birthday!

Nan said...

You must get your creative flare from you Mother! The stones are amazing, I love the angel one, how precious it is.

I'm glad you find comfort in your knitting to soothe your stresses from your work life. I too find the click, click of my needles soothing.

Angie said...

Your Mom is very talented. What a treasure!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Your mother is quite talented -- we know that she gets it from you! ;-)

The sock yarn is lovely -- can't wait to see what you do with it... I, too, find that creating is really great in stressful situations. I embroidered my way through our last house-buying hunt, then gave the piece to our real estate agent when it was done. It kept me grounded through all the uncertainty.

Anonymous said...

I love the beaded kneeling angel that your mom gave you ... you also make some beautiful items!