Monday, 22 June 2009


I'm posting this very quickly before plunging back into paperwork and packing. There's only two weeks to go before I'm on six months long service leave (hurrah!) and, as we're only half way through the academic year here in the Land of Oz, I'm preparing a handover for my replacement
so I am busy busy busy with work
but taking lots of little crafty breaks in between.

So the hexagon pillow cover has grown:

(By the way, you can find a link to a tutorial on how to crochet the hexagons here. ... and Andrea, who asked if I thought this would be good for people who aren't very experienced with crochet, my answer is yes! The second row and the joining row are a bit fiddly but the tutorial's so explicit this shouldn't be a big problem. )

I've started to make a new scarf:

which is based on the Romantic Wrap pattern (Ravelry link) from Crochet Today! magazine.

I have managed to get out into my garden and to enjoy,
if only for a little while,
the Winter sunshine and my beautiful, bright red, ivy geraniums:

and I've baked two batches of a quick yet delicious slice called Cammy's Father's Favourites.

I have also started to get ready for my wonderfully long holiday.
I'm planning lunch and dinner dates, and weekends away, with long neglected friends,
I've booked an overseas trip
and I've enrolled in (big breath)
a pastel drawing course,
a nuno felting workshop,
a glass bead making workshop
and a silversmithing workshop.

I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful week everybody.


Sarah said...

The pillow cover is turning out great! The colors all really look good together.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh my gosh, those hexagons are fabulous! You have so many great adventures planned, I can hardly wait to hear all about them. I've thought about trying glass bead making, but the thought of that hot torch has kept me away. Let us know how it goes!

Rachel said...

Those workshops all sound so interesting and fun! Thanks for the link to the hexagon tutorial, too!

Bhavna said...

Wow, what a lovely color blast. The cover is looking awesome.

The pictures are very beautiful.

Your excitement is contagious, I dream of taking pastel classes sometime in future. Post pics how the projects come along.

Have fun,
Bhavna aka bmisra

Ceci said...

You always have the prettiest pictures! The colors in your hexagon project are great; can't wait to see it done. :)

You asked me if tattoos hurt? I'd lying if I said no, but there's a reason people don't usually have just one. :) (Maybe endorphin rush in response to the pain? Who knows.) I can tell you, the one on my ankle made me want to get another; the one on the top of my foot just plain hurt.

magnusmog said...

Love the flower photos. Have a great time off!

Red Hen (dette) said...

How delightful to see Cammy's Fathers Favouries On such a lovely plate. I'm rather envious of your 6 monthes long service leave. Mine's due next year but I wont be taking it until the year after because my daughter will be doing her TEE. I look forward to seeing all the lovely things you do while on your extended break and to catching up in person soon so you can get your little bag at last!

krista said...

I LOVE the hexagon pillow cover. The colors are lovely! I'm trying to get into crochet, but I'm not having whole lot of luck.

Anonymous said...

I love that hexagon pillow!!

Have fun on your break. x

LĂșcia said...

Hi my dear,

This work is becoming great!
And the geraniums are so beautiful, I love then at windows.
Very nice photos.

VictoriaG said...

Wow! The pillow will be a beauty! I'm working on hexagons too...slowly but surely. My intent is a blanket, but we'll see...I do love the idea of a pillow or two :-)
nonaofsav on Rav