Sunday, 24 June 2007

Easy Daisy Granny Squares

I've been playing around with ideas for a really quick granny blanket. I'm plugging away at the granny square afghan I started at the beginning of June, but I'd really like something relatively effortless, and soothing, to I thought I'd crochet a smallish panel of fancy squares and then border the blanket by adding rows of three dcs, making it a giant granny square. I've found a good square for the job, the Easy Daisy Granny:

It really is easy and it has a granny square background so adding the border shouldn't be a problem. You can find the pattern at the Warming Families site.

Here are three more squares I made this weekend:

I'm going to join them and border them with white yarn. Then I'm going to crochet the border in rows of the colours I've used for the Easy Granny least that's the idea so far!


Linda said...

I really love this daisy granny ... thanks for the link :-)
Can't wait to see yours finished!

Anonymous said...

Can I put my order in for these for Christmas?????

Ohhhhhh thank you "Inkberry Fairy Godmother", thank you!!!

(I especially like the one in the middle - good eh?!)

:-) U know who!!!!