Monday, 4 June 2007

Grannying Along

I just posted this at the Granny-Along blogspot.
I'm making a granny square blanket.
This is my inspiration:

It's a lapghan I bought, before I knew how to crochet. It was made, for charity, by a very old lady named Grace, and I love the cheerful daisies she's included, as well as the way she's unified the look of the blanket by using white for the flowers and white for the joins. I just wish it was bigger so I could nap under it, but now I've taught myself to crochet I'm ready to stitch one of my own.

After digging around in my stash I've come up with a colour combination that will go with the colours in my bedroom:

...and last night I crocheted my first square:

It's lacier than the original but I'm happy with it, and really looking forward to making some more.


BopBop said...

You could always add on to the blanket you have with your new squares. Just thought I'd throw that out there. :) I love the granny itself did you happen to find a pattern or did you use a pattern book? I just love that square and it looks like a great way to use up yarn. :)

Linda said...

Nice blog!..I love your daisy square (and your mosaics are awesome!) :-)

inkberryblue said...

Hi eliea and Linda.
Thanks for commenting. =]

Linda, I was so excited to hear from you. I often look at your blog ~ I found it on Craftster. I really like the rag rug you crocheted, I want to make one out of t shirts for my bedroom. I also want to knit more and you provide plenty of inspiration.

I've bookmarked your pattern blog and I'm looking forward to visiting again and browsing. Thank you for your ideas. The granny square comes from a Leisure Arts Book called 99 Floral Motifs To Crochet. It's pattern number 70. I'd love to hear about how you go.

Thanks again to you both.

picklesticks said...

I love crocheted blankets! Your square looks great. I can't wait to see it done.