Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Learning To Knit

As I've already mentioned, I'm knitting CosmicPluto's Cavern Cardi:

(I've made the stitch markers too.)

This is my first knitted garment and my blog friend Christina, from Matroschka, has asked me how I'm learning to knit.
The short answer is: with difficulty!
The long answer is kind of convoluted and I hope it makes sense.
Here goes.
I'm finding that learning to knit is a really different process to learning to crochet, primarily because I'm not working with one live stitch ~ I'm working with dozens...and the more live stitches I have the more mistakes I can make. Therefore, I'm having to plan what I'm doing way more than I've done when crocheting.

I'm planning and problem solving by:

  • referring to the videos at Knitting Help (which are helpfully explicit, especially the ones that detail how to safely rip back work),

  • reading through my copy of Debbie Stoller's Stitch n Bitch (which is comprehensive),

  • approaching each new technique (raglan increases for example) with caution by practising on a swatch before I try using them on the actual garment,

  • looking through threads like the Anthropologie~inspired Capelet tutorial over at Craftster, because it helps to explain how a top~down raglan cardigan is constructed

  • and going to a knitting group. Even though I've only attended one meeting so far, the fabulous knitters who go too have already provided inspiration and encouragement.

Learning to knit is an involved process but a rewarding one ~ and in that way it is just like learning to crochet.


Indigo Blue said...

My knitting is not great and I have been trying to learn different stiches square by square via subscribing to a mag. See my blog for current progress. I wish I could crochet like you can as I too like the one stitch at a time apporach but I actually prefer the final look of crochet. best of lick and I look forward to seeing the final garment. you are very brave, I shall stick to my squares for now. plus a little charity teddy bear.
Best wishes.

knightlyknitter.wordpress.com said...

I hope you are pleased with your progress - it looks great to me!
I understand what you mean about the difference between one and many stitches, though from the other direction - I played with basic crochet after I learned to knit. But we all know that the only way to learn is to give it some sustained attention, so I'm sending stick-with-it vibes your way!

Ang said...

You'll get there!

Anonymous said...

I have bought Stitch n Bitch and thinking of joining a knitting group also, I just need to find the time! But I do find it a bit intimidating with all those stitches and pointy sticks! ;)