Monday, 18 February 2008

Vintage Crochet

I have a gorgeous neighbour who, despite being 88 years old, has an enormous zest for life.
This time last Summer she was in an ashram in India.
She sometimes tells a less recent story of finding herself alone in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.
She adores the theatre
and we often go to outdoor concerts together.
Not only is my friend an adventuress, she is also a very good plain cook and often puts together a picnic tea to take to the performances.
Imagine my delight when I discovered this beautiful example of thread crochet in the picnic basket she had packed.
It was crocheted by her mother.
My dear friend kindly allowed me to photograph some of her mother's work so that I could share it here.
I've included some miniature roses in the shots to give an idea of scale ~ it is so delicate and fine.


Indigo Blue said...

Lovely crochet, very fine looking must have taken ages. The roses really add to the atmosphere of the work. Art Award for you if you would like it on my blog.
Best wishes

inkberryblue said...

Thank you indigo blue.
I would love the award.

Ang said...

beautiful crochet, just beautiful.

Elba Pessanha said...

Seu blog é lindo!!! E eu não sei falar inglês, mas tento. :)
Your blog is beautiful!!! And I don't speak english, but I try. :)

ibcmeir said...

The crochet is lovely, but I'm far more fascinated by your friend. What a traveler she is...

Dawn said...

beautiful. just beautiful. I love thinking that those were created by her mother's loving hands so long ago. And here they are today, keeping her spirit alive. :)

Anonymous said...

That's some crazy crochet work! Wonderful!

inkberryblue said...

christina, dawn, c meir, elba, riggwelter and indigoblue,
thankyou so much for your gorgeous comments. I showed them to my friend tonight and she loved them.