Friday, 8 February 2008

Recapturing Creativity

When I was younger, I used to draw all the time.
I drew joyfully, creatively, effortlessly, freely...
somewhere along the way
I lost that easy pleasure.
Art school knocked some of the joy out of me. Not that I regret going ~ the experience provided me with some invaluable lessons but it developed my inner critic in a big way.
And, these days, I always seem to be too busy. I'm expected to be very serious at work. Sadly, I can't imagine anyone approving of me doodling through meetings.

Even so, I manage to nurture my artistic side a little. I still draw sometimes. I occasionally get to go to drawing courses. I went to some fabulous lessons with an artist, educator and creativity advocate called Dawn Meader. Dawn now lives and works in Santa Cruz but I still draw inspiration from her ~ I receive an ezine she produces every month and really enjoy reading the creativity exercises and looking at the beautiful reproductions of her work.

Here are some of the pastels I completed in her classes:

These drawings are enormous by the way ~ they cover my double bed. (Dawn had us draw on huge pieces of paper so that we sketched with big, loose gestures.)

I also keep a little sketch book in my handbag. My idea for the sketch book is that I draw in it for five minutes every day, sketching whatever's in front of me, disengaging my inner critic, accepting whatever appears (a bit like writing morning pages if you're following The Artists' Way.)

I've also found a gorgeous blog called Creative Every Day. It's written by an artist called Leah Piken Kolidas. Leah writes perceptively about the creative process and posts some really interesting links to articles and images. She also draws beautifully, creating her artwork with the ease and joy that I would love to recapture.


Leah said...

first, thank you for kind words!

secondly, i had a very similar experience with art school. and i want to tell you that you can recapture that joy.

i love your drawings and that they're so big!! that's awesome.

p.s. i wonder if you could try sneaking some small doodles in at work? :-)

Indigo Blue said...

Lovely drawings! particularly the colours. I did a fashion degree where the drawing had to follow the style of the time. I tell you what, my sketch books were better after I left and really did my own thing that they ever were at college! How wierd because I was only talking about sketch books with a friend of mine yesterday, I had an idea for my blog which I will now do. Best wishes.

mellowbeing said...

Yeah, I love seeing what's going on in other crafty corners in the world. Thanks for writing interesting & appealing content :) Hopefully you'll get some more traffic coming your way if anyone reads my lil blog heh.